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You’re on your way now! A new life full of adventure awaits in the land of fun and opportunity (COLLEGE)! From here on it’s all up to you and the decisions you make will have real world consequences. So now that you’re all packed and on your way to the dorms have you taken a moment to think about the seriousness of those coming decisions? If you’re like most then probably not. At the moment you are still in a whirlwind of excitement about starting the next chapter of your life. The thought of living away from your parents, making new friends (in a new land), and being on your own is Amazing to say the least. However, as Mom and Dad help you unpack and get settled in there are a few things you should know about College.


(*Note: If you are an academic powerhouse on a full scholarship or one of the fortunate ones to have tuition covered (Thanks Mom and Dad – Love You!) then skip over to the next section.)

Okay, let’s start off by looking at this Visual link from Tuition.IO:  The 17 Ups and Downs of The Student Loan Cycle

Like most of us, you are probably the average American with huge dreams and a good shot at getting what you want in life (if you play your cards right). In case you haven’t been paying attention America is now $1 Trillion Dollars in Student Loan Debt. The Student loan rates have recently doubled to 6.8%, tuition is rising every year, and the availability of grants are diminishing. So what does it all mean?

It means you need to read this article by Forbes: 10 Things  Every College Grad Needs to Know About Money

Again, I can not stress How Important it is to be Financially Literate!


Securing a position within a company and starting your career (post graduation) should be of utmost importance! A large majority of recent college grads are taking on low wage positions due to their inability to secure a job in their field of study. This brings us to the importance of our category: The Future Jobs. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are great areas of study to focus on that will ensure you job security and above average salary. All the major software, social media, and search companies (Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.) hire grads who excel in these fields. In closing, study whatever your passion is but have the awareness of the challenges that lay ahead of your chosen profession.


Since, the thought of going a whole day without your smartphone, laptop, or internet connection (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is sheer Terror I’ve composed a Best of Devices/Apps List (so you won’t ever have to).

The Best Smartphones

The Best Laptops

The Best Tablets

The Best iOS Apps

The Best Android Apps

*(Video) Top Back to School Apps


…somethings take care of themselves! Work Hard & Enjoy Your Time!



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