6 Behaviors that will Hinder your Rise to the Top

These days you can get fired from your job for many different reasons. Most of which are self-explanatory: consistently being tardy, not showing up at all, lackluster performances, inappropriate behavior, etc. These personality traits that could land you in hot water.

#1) Shifting Blame

Not being accountable for your actions is an irresponsible way to go about your life. When at work, it is especially important take responsibility for your mistakes. After all, slipups are just lessons to be learned. The way that we handle our mistakes say a lot about how we are as people.

#2) Gossiping

Gossip in its most dangerous form can be a form of bullying – and I bet you thought that the bullying ended after you graduated from high school. If you find yourself wanting to share someone’s personal or professional issues, just stop. Remember that if you gossip about someone else, as soon as you turn around, they’ll gossip about you.

#3) Downplaying A Colleague’s Success


Successes with your colleagues are successes none the less. Think of your colleagues and coworkers as family instead of your enemies (unless they are). You may all be vying for that promotion but there is no reason why you can’t congratulate your colleague if he or she achieves that goal first.

#4) Being “TOO HONEST”

Telling people what you think can be a good thing, unless you go too far. This is equivalent to the “Do these pants make my butt look big?” question. Even if you think it does, do you actually say it out loud? Now let’s take this concept and put it in the workplace. Do you tell your annoying coworker just how annoying she is? Do you tell your boss what you think of him – what you really think of him?

So what can you take from this? Just like Kenny Rogers said, “Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.” Or in this case, know when to say something and know when to keep your trap shut.

#5) Being The Parasite

No, it’s not the latest dance craze. It’s a term that I like to use for people who abuse their relationships with their coworkers by stealing their credit and work. Some people call them leeches. Some people call them plagiarists. Some people call them sleaze buckets. You get the point…

So how do you remedy this type of behavior? Well first you have to make sure that you’re pulling your own weight when you’re in a group. Also, think before you utter the phrase, “It’s not my job.” Colleagues should help each other when the opportunity arises (and if you have the time). This builds camaraderie and also makes you extremely valuable in your field – by teaching you different trades and skills.

#6) Making Excuses


This is slightly different than shifting blame. It is just another way to not take responsibility for your actions. Own up to your behavior. If you are making excuses, you are busy trying to get out of trouble. Instead of making up excuses for your behavior, man up. Take the consequences, learn from what happened, and try not to let it get in your way again.

Each of these has its own negative side effect and can easily get out of hand. The lessons to be learned here are to be considerate of the people on your way up because you might need them on your way down! While it is natural to slip up, be conscience about these bad habits and make sure they’re not becoming a problem.


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