Top At-Home Jobs That Actually Pay Bills

Just like traditional education isn’t for every child, traditional work isn’t for every adult. There are different options for schooling (alternative, Montessori, charter, vocational, community college, university, GED, etc.) and even more options for work. One of the options that has recently become more mainstream are at-home jobs.

In a time where every household must have two incomes in order to make ends meet, stay-at-home motherhood isn’t as much of a viable option as it used to be in the 50’s. However, for the mothers who would prefer to raise their children themselves or who don’t want to miss all of their children’s “firsts”, at-home jobs are becoming more and more appealing.

At-home jobs used to have a negative stigma attached to them. They were normally scams or classified as “busy work” and not a job that someone could take pride in: stuffing envelopes, cold-calling strangers, assembling products, etc. There is a much more diverse range of at-home jobs that can fit almost any stay-at-home parent, agoraphobic, or homebody.

#1) Freelance Work

Freelance work encompasses a lot of trades: copywriter, editor, beta reader, graphic artist, website design, website developer, social media manager etc. You name it, it probably has a freelance option. The plus side to getting yourself a freelance job is that you can make a career out of it and you will be able to pay your bills with these various contracts and jobs.

The downside is that you have to work hard in order to make a name for yourself. You must be able to have the flexibility to work hard and have a flexible schedule. You can make your schedule work for you, however, it will take some time to develop that rapport with your clients. Sometimes (especially in the beginning of your career), you’ll have to take the jobs that are either inconvenient or out of your target zone, in order to build a profile for yourself.

#2) Entrepreneurship

Start your own business! It is much more difficult than working freelance because there are more start-up costs involved (buying more equipment, advertising, insurance, etc.). However, you’ll get more control over what kind of work you do.
This is a flexible option though. You can work in the field that you feel most passionate about. You can start off small with an online shop (I’ll talk more about that in a minute) and as your business grows, you can expand by working out of your garage. It might seem like small potatoes now but if you’re raising kids, you’re not going to want too much on your plate anyway.

#3) Etsy and Other “Crafty” Products

Online marketplaces – like Etsy – are a great way to start your own business. They are known for attracting more crafty-type entrepreneurs because they often offer homemade items like: works of art (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc.), items that are hand-sewn/crocheted/knitted, handmade jewelry, etc.

However, if you’re not one to craft an item from scratch, you can also utilize the website like a vintage garage sale. There are plenty of vintage, one-of-a-kind items that are on sale on these marketplaces.

#4) Cooking

The most annoying part about having your own catering business is getting your kitchen certified. However, once you’ve cleared that hurtle, you can feel free to spend your time baking the day away. This is a great job for those entrepreneurs who have a quirky food idea and love to cook. Office buildings are great places to advertise since they’re probably looking for vendors to cater their meetings.

#5) Virtual Assistant

Assistants and secretaries are going virtual these days. If you’re an extremely organized person and love to help others achieve their dreams, perhaps a virtual assistant position is in your future. There are many ways that you can find these jobs including freelance websites and CraigsList (I would be careful though). If you feel more comfortable working in a place that you know by heart, put out an ad in your local paper, advertising your service.

There are more options out there (like call center agents) but these five can be the most lucrative and flexible. The key to finding an at-home job is to do your research. Don’t just apply to any job that you run across. Make sure that you research their company, service, or client online. If you’re looking to go at it on your own (i.e. any of these jobs listed in this article), I suggest going to a lawyer in order to have the proper contracts and forms drawn up so that you keep yourself and your products safe from scammers.


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