5 Ways to Follow Your Passion – Without Going Broke

The phrase “follow your passion” has a negative connotation these days. With websites like Etsy making it easier for people to take on jobs at home, more people are following their dreams. However, that also means that more people are failing. What does it take to follow your passion without going broke? What is the difference between blindly following your …


5 Ways to Pad Your Retirement Nest Egg

The best time to start saving money for retirement is yesterday. The second best time is now. We should all be saving money for our nest egg so that we can rest comfortably (or go on your retirement adventures) when the time comes. These days, Americans are working longer – or going back to work – so that they can …


5 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buys

Sometimes our worst financial enemy is the impulse buy. It’s that momentary thrill of “Should I buy this? I think I need to have it.” It ruins budgets. It ruins will-power. No matter how strong you may be when you are at home, it can be difficult to resist a “good” impulse buy. If you normally struggle with these types …


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. The warmth and kindness of your hearts make you more beautiful year after year.


How Far Does Your Paycheck Actually Go?

Your paycheck is just like real estate; there is one important thing that you must consider before, during, and after the big events in your life. No, it’s not the size of your paycheck – it’s all about location. Recent statistics and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis have revealed that since every …


Top At-Home Jobs That Actually Pay Bills

Just like traditional education isn’t for every child, traditional work isn’t for every adult. There are different options for schooling (alternative, Montessori, charter, vocational, community college, university, GED, etc.) and even more options for work. One of the options that has recently become more mainstream are at-home jobs. In a time where every household must have two incomes in order …