Summer Saving Tips: How To Save Money & Still Have Fun This Summer

How To Save Money & Still Have Fun This Summer

You don’t have to spend too much money if you want to enjoy your summer. Sometimes you just have to cut or scale back instead of omitting something altogether. Do you normally take a family vacation? Instead of flying to Mexico, take a few day trips during the summer months. Go to a place that you’ve never been before. It’s easier to schedule and you’ll get less flak from your kids about taking them away from their friends. Check out these four other tips that will save you some cash this summer.

#1) Plan Ahead

Planning for home and garden projects is always a saving tip – no matter what season it is. Landscaping tools, plants, outdoor project materials, and backyard furniture goes on sale when the season ends so plan on buying these items at the end of summer. Utilize the tools and items that you have now and plan on replacing them (as you need to) when summer winds down.

Summer is often the hardest time to find good deals because everyone is at home and wants to spend time outside. However, if you know where to go or what to look for, you can find the clever ways to save some extra cash. For example, the best time to buy tools and supplies for the garage is in early June (during the Father’s Day sales). A week before Father’s Day, many stores will offer 50% off sales in their men’s, outdoor, and hardware departments.

#2) Bring Out the Grill and Clotheslines

Using the stove or baking things in the oven isn’t nearly as fun in the summer, when it causes the temperature in the house to rise. Instead of cooking in your kitchen, use the grill. Not only can this save you money on your electric and/or gas bill but it will won’t warm your home up increasing your cooling costs.
If you have the ability to use a clothesline or a drying rack outside, let the sun and breeze dry your clothes for you.

#3) Skip the Restaurants

If you don’t want to cook (or grill), you’re probably going to opt to eat out. Unfortunately, you’ll end up spending more money than normal if you’re just trying to avoid a warm kitchen. Instead, try to create some cool meals. For example, green salads, cucumber salads, sandwiches, pasta salad, cool pudding pies, etc. Cooking with fresh herbs and vegetables, fresh from the grocery store helps also. Bring the cooler, some popsicles, and sit in the shade for a refreshing picnic.

#4) Free Entertainment?! Yes, Please


There is always something to do during the summer. Some of us tend to spend a lot of money on things like vacations, concerts, and festivals and that’s fine. If you’re a little low on funds or if you want to save some money this summer, try going to a concert at a local park. Local bands and musicians are often invited to the parks on the weekends. Admission is normally free. Bring a picnic basket and some friends.

If you’re looking for a night in, you can hit the local rental place, stream off of Netflix, or rent a movie at the library for free. You can also have a game night at your house. Board games eliminate the heat that radiates off of your TV.

If you want to get some fresh air you can go on a hike, camp in the woods, go kayaking, swimming, play ultimate Frisbee, football, or hit the local water park. There are many free options that are just as fun as others. Besides, you bought that badminton set that’s collecting dust in your garage. Why not use it?


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